My name is Marie Bostwick. I’m a wife to one, mother to three, and grandmother to five. I’m also a New York Times and USAToday bestselling author of seventeen works of uplifting women’s and historical fiction, with more in the works, and this is a big, big day for me!

Over a year ago, I bought a domain name and started dreaming about writing and creating something I felt was missing from the blogosphere, a blog for women like me. What do I mean by “women like me”?

Women who are over fifty and happy about it. Really.

There was a time in my life when it was hard to imagine myself even being fifty, let alone being happy about it. As a teenager, I sort of pictured myself getting to twenty-six and holding. Back then I believed that passing the mid-twenty mark meant hitting my prime, finally understanding the world and my place in it.

Boy, was I ever wrong! Sure, my skin looked great but everything inside it was one big, confused, uncertain mess. Much of my twenties were spent second guessing my every move and trying to make everyone I met like me. It was exhausting.

Okay, sure. There are times when I miss my twenty-something face; I admit it. But I see this as part of the cosmic trade-off. Knowing all I know now and having my old face just wouldn’t be fair. I mean, the scales can only tip so far in one direction without falling over, right? Seriously, apart from my formerly flawless skin, you couldn’t pay me to be twenty-six again.

During my thirties, I was somewhat less confused but I too busy herding kids and driving carpool to care. My forties were hectic as well, taken up with parenting teens and trying to carve out a career path. However, I was definitely more comfortable in my own skin by then and starting to see signs that maybe, just maybe, the day was approaching when I really would hit my stride and come into my own.

In my fifties, I realized those signs were spot-on. Turning fifty truly was a turning point for me, a good one. That’s why I decided to start this blog because, contrary to the bill of goods that society in general and fashion magazines in particular, tried to sell me in my youth, fifty is far from the end of the line. In a lot of ways, it feels like the beginning.

For most of us, those first five decades feel like something of an apprenticeship, a time of training and testing so we’ll finally be able to live up to our unique potential and unleash it upon an unsuspecting world. At long last, rehearsal is over. The curtain is going up, the play is about to begin, and the woman with the smile lines at the corners of her mouth and the whisper of wisdom in her eyes has been cast in a pivotal role.


Because this is our moment, yours and mine, our time to shine. We’re not fading, we’re fierce!

The mission of FierceBeyond50.com is to empower women to make the most of their maturity, achieve their full potential, and build a meaningful legacy for good by illustrating, sharing, and celebrating what it means fierce and beyond fifty.

Believe me, there is a LOT to celebrate!

Being fierce beyond fifty means embracing adventure and the opportunity to travel and collect new experiences. It means expanding your mind by reading new books and engaging in conversation with people who stimulate your intellect and encourage you to explore differing viewpoints and new ideas. It means tapping into your creativity through arts and crafts, transforming your home into a place of respite and hospitality for yourself and others, and experiencing nature with fresh eyes.

Envisioning the future is another part of being fierce, looking at where you are this year and imagining where you’d like to be next year, or in ten years, or beyond, creating a roadmap for achieving your professional, vocational, or financial goals, and shaping the legacy you’ll leave behind.

Being fierce beyond fifty means loving the body you have now by achieving optimal levels of personal health and fitness, enjoying healthy, delicious recipes designed for grownup palates, and finding fashion and beauty tips that will enhance your unique style and let you like the person you see in the mirror.

Being fierce beyond fifty means cherishing your relationships and nurturing your soul, two things that go hand-in-hand. Why? Because you are wiser today than you’ve ever been. On this day, at this moment, you have seen more, done more, and experienced more than you ever have at any point in your life. That means you have more to offer than ever before.

Being fierce and beyond fifty means you have so much of value to share with your family, friends, community, and world. And you should! The world isn’t exactly oversupplied with wisdom these days, is it? So what right have you to hold back yours? Not necessarily through what you say as by how you live, the example you set, your beliefs and how you act upon them, the manner in which you seek out hope and healing for yourself and others, especially in the way you keep growing, learning, reaching, and becoming all you were created to be.

If fierce, beyond fifty, and far from finished describes you, then you’re in the right place, at the optimal time, with the ideal set of traveling companions.


Every message, word, and image of this blog has been designed with you in mind. It’s a sisterhood – a safe space to celebrate, share, and stretch yourself to do and be all you can in this amazing season of life.

Our door is always open so I hope you’ll visit often. Better yet, add your email to our list. That way, you’ll never miss a post and have access to special subscriber-only content, offers, gifts, and newsletters. Be sure to invite your friends too – the more, the merrier!

Once again, welcome. This is going to be a grand adventure. And one hundred percent fierce!