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Your Purpose in Life: It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Dream–Twice

Creativity and Crafts, Never Too Late

A Guest Blog with Dori Lawrence

Do you know that warm, excited feeling that comes over you when you meet somebody for the first time but absolutely know you’re at the beginning of a beautiful friendship?  That’s how I felt when I met Dori Lawrence in January at the Road To California quilt show and learned how she found purpose in life after fifty.

Dori is vibrant, bubbly, and bursting with energy and passion, especially when it comes to topics that are dear to both our hearts – creativity and crafting.  Dori and her daughter, Katie, run a terrific blog and podcast, Hobbies Up To Here, where they document their adventures into all things crafty. This mother-daughter duo has a terrific dynamic and a wonderfully honest approach to their creative pursuits. If you haven’t checked out Hobbies Up To Here, you should! Stories like hers are so inspiring when we are searching for our purpose in life.

In addition to a delightful personality, Dori has an amazing and inspiring personal story to share. She is living proof that it’s never too late to live your dream – and sometimes more than one!

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How to Declutter Your Closet and Your Life, One Drawer At A Time

Home Matters
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“Every single thing we own owns us.”

So said Abigail Burgess Wynne, in the second book of my Cobbled Court series, A Thread of Truth.

Abigail is quite a character. From the moment she walked into my imagination as I was writing A Single Thread and announced her presence with one of the more audacious introductions in literature, “People like me,” I found that I did like her.

And though Abigail isn’t the most emotionally sensitive character I’ve ever written, when she started talking about the tyrannical weight of being shackled to stuff, I recognized the wisdom of her declaration. continue reading

Long-Distance Grammy: Craft of the Month Club

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One of the toughest parts of moving into our new home was leaving our grandchildren behind. If you’re a grandma or, like me, a “grammy” – then you know how quickly you can get addicted to those grand-darlings!  For over a year, we had actually shared our home with my middle son, his wife, and two of our grand-darlings so I had become very spoiled, getting to see them every day.

Technology definitely makes it easier to stay in touch with long-distance loved ones but visiting with your grands on FaceTime (especially if they spend most of the visit making faces into the camera) just isn’t the same. continue reading

Diving Into the Deep End and Out of Your Comfort Zone

Celebrate Life, Marie's Triathlon Journey

In the fall of 2017, I began swimming twice a week as part of my triathlon training.  Like a lot of novice triathletes, this was the part of the race that made me nervous.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t swim, just that I didn’t – at least, not very often and not very far.

Finding a race that required a swim of just 300 meters in a pool was what made me decide to go through with it.  The security of swimming in a pool, where lifeguards would be on the watch, made the whole thing a lot less daunting. Three hundred meters was still farther than I’d swum in a long time but it seemed doable.

For the first session of training, my goal was to swim 50 meters.   That’s just two complete lengths of the pool, up and back.

I didn’t make it. continue reading

6 Reasons It’s Fantastic to be Over 50

Celebrate Life
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When you were in your twenties, thirties, or even early forties, did you ever look down the distant road to your fiftieth birthday and imagine it could mark the start of the best, most exciting, awesome years of your life?

Neither did I.

But now that I’m here, I’ve discovered that being over fifty is fantastic!

Women entering their fifties are coming into a peak period of life, a period that can extend for many years and even decades. Why? Because, by and large, women beyond fifty share qualities that allow them to enjoy life more fully than ever and to powerfully impact the world around them. Those qualities, the six reasons it’s fantastic to be over fifty, can be summed up in one word…FIERCE. continue reading

Never Too Late – Marie’s First Triathlon

Love Your Body, Marie's Triathlon Journey, Never Too Late
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Today, I am making a huge and surprising announcement.

Ready? Here goes…

In 2018, I intend to enter and complete my first triathlon.

Okay, sure. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t quite stop-the-presses news.  Hundreds of thousands of athletes compete in triathlons every year, I get that.  But, for someone like me, this is a very big deal.

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