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Marie’s Triathlon Journey

Bicycle Buyer’s Guide: What To Know When Buying a New Bike

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bike buyers guide, what to know when buying a new bike

As I pointed out in my recent post about my ongoing garage makeover, we own several bicycles. Four, to be exact.

Even so, when it comes to training for and competing in my upcoming first triathlon, none of the four are up to the challenge. (Truthfully, there are days when I’m not sure I’m up the challenge either. Time will tell!)  Two of the four are youth bikes, one is way to big for me, and the fourth is my bike, a twenty-two year old women’s cruiser.

There’s really nothing wrong with it that a good tune up wouldn’t fix. But with only seven pretty clunky gears and a weight of fifty pounds plus, my cruiser wasn’t making the grade. I mean that almost literally.  Asking the old girl to climb hills was like asking my spaniel to do algebra – just way beyond her pay grade. I definitely needed a new bike. continue reading

Diving Into the Deep End and Out of Your Comfort Zone

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In the fall of 2017, I began swimming twice a week as part of my triathlon training.  Like a lot of novice triathletes, this was the part of the race that made me nervous.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t swim, just that I didn’t – at least, not very often and not very far.

Finding a race that required a swim of just 300 meters in a pool was what made me decide to go through with it.  The security of swimming in a pool, where lifeguards would be on the watch, made the whole thing a lot less daunting. Three hundred meters was still farther than I’d swum in a long time but it seemed doable.

For the first session of training, my goal was to swim 50 meters.   That’s just two complete lengths of the pool, up and back.

I didn’t make it. continue reading

Never Too Late – Marie’s First Triathlon

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Today, I am making a huge and surprising announcement.

Ready? Here goes…

In 2018, I intend to enter and complete my first triathlon.

Okay, sure. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t quite stop-the-presses news.  Hundreds of thousands of athletes compete in triathlons every year, I get that.  But, for someone like me, this is a very big deal.

continue reading