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Love You Because…

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love languages

Before the start of each new year, I think carefully and choose a word to represent a personal quality or trait I want to focus on for the coming year. This isn’t something I thought up myself.  The first person I heard talk about this was Debbie Macomber, a wonderful author who is also a wonderful friend. Debbie is someone who has mastered the art of living intentionally, and that quality shines through in her character and her life.

Since then, I’ve met many others who also choose a word of the year. If this is a new concept for you, I recommend you give it a try in 2019; it’s a practice that can help focus your intention and even change your life, in large ways and small.

My word of the year for 2017 was love, and it was one of the most challenging words I’ve ever chosen. However, searching for ways to live out that word, intentionally showing love to someone every day taught me a lot. It also changed me, in some some good ways. continue reading

How to Face your Fears When Self-Doubt Tells You To Give Up

Grow in Wisdom, Marie's Triathlon Journey
face your fears

I’m writing this on a Saturday.  Not just any Saturday but the Saturday that falls exactly one week before September 8, 2018.

That’s the day I’ll be running my first triathlon. It’s the day I’ve been dreaming about for nearly a year. But lately, not necessarily in a good way.

A month ago, I wrote a post on how to train for a first triathlon. Near the end of that post, I recalled all the miles of training and hours of preparation I’ve put in for September 8th.  Though I was nervous, I said I felt confident that I was ready and would finish the race. Not only that, I predicted I would finish strong.

That was then.

Now I’m not so sure. continue reading

Mid-Course Corrections, To Do Lists, & Getting Your Ducks in a Row

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mid course correction life goals

There’s almost nothing not to love about July – warm weather, picnics, concerts in the park, eating amazing peaches and the first of the locally grown corn.  And since I generally finish writing my book in July, I actually have a chance to enjoy all these delights.  Basically, it’s a perfect month.

The only possible downside to July is the disconcerting realization that the year is half over.

Six months gone? Whoa! How did that happen?

Realizing that the year is half over can be alarming, but July is the perfect month to reexamine your goals, reassess your priorities, and make some mid-course corrections. continue reading

Make the Most of Your Mid-Life Crisis

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make the most of your mid-life crisis

Last week, I was talking to a friend about my upcoming attempt to complete my first triathlon. Not for the first time, I said, “It’s such a crazy thing to do. So totally not like me. I still don’t understand what made me want to try this.”

And my friend, who is smart and insightful said, “Sure you do. It’s your mid-life crisis.” continue reading

Twelve Words That Will Change Your Life: Part 2

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I forgive you

As I said in my last post, forgiveness looms large in our lives.

The ability to seek it, request it, receive it, and bestow it, or not, is the difference between living at peace with ourselves and with others.

Or not.

I’m certainly not claiming to have my act completely pulled together in this or any aspect of my life. But in the course of my treading upon the face of the earth for five decades and counting, I have discovered four sentences, adding up to just twelve words total, that have changed my life. Speaking these words as necessary, with sincerity and intention, have brought greater and more lasting peace in my life and relationships.  They can do the same for you. continue reading

Twelve Words That Will Change Your Life: Part 1

Grow in Wisdom
say sorry


Seeking it, finding it, and bestowing it can be among the most difficult acts we perform in life. Also among the most important.

If there is one thing I have learned my five decades and counting, it is that for the giver as well as the receiver, forgiveness matters. Forgiveness is huge. It can change your life.

It’s also really, really hard.  At least for me. continue reading

Life Balance, Mermaids, and other Myths

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myth of life balance

You may or may not have noticed but mermaids are a thing right now. So are unicorns.

No kidding. Spend a little time on Etsy or at your local kitschy gift boutique and you’ll find all kinds of unicorn and mermaid themed merchandise, everything from tea towels and coffee mugs to jewelry and throw pillows. I even found a bottle of mermaid hair tonic online. (I’m not really sure what that is or does but I bet you anything it has glitter in it. And I kind of want to buy some. Just to see.)

It’s easy to understand why women have latched onto the mermaid/unicorn thing. Everybody needs a bit of magic in their lives, a harmless fantasy or two. What makes it harmless is the fact that we know that mermaids, like unicorns, are mythical creatures. (But wouldn’t it be cool if mermaids really did exist?)

The Myth We Actually Believe In

Many of us have allowed another mythical creature to inhabit our lives. This one is much more dangerous because we believe it truly does exist – or could, if were just tried harder, worked harder, and got our act together. continue reading

Doing Good for Others is Also Good For You: 30 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

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random acts of kindness ideas

I was raised on the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Chances are you were too. But did you know that doing good for others is also good for you?

Studies have shown that being kind to others and doing good deeds on a regular basis can help reduce anxiety, increase personal happiness, and even promote heart health and longevity.

Wait…the antidote to anxiety is a random act of kindness?


continue reading

A Life-Changing Chicken Lesson: How to Stop Procrastinating and Overcome Overwhelm

Grow in Wisdom

If you and I met on the street today and I asked you how you are, there’s a good chance that your response would be, “Busy.”

Boy, do I hear that! We’re all busy these days, aren’t we? So busy.

So busy that when we think about all the stuff we need to do our jaw clenches.  So busy with all we have to do that we never seem to get to what we’d like to do. So busy and overwhelmed that we sometimes feel paralyzed, unable to buckle down to the tasks at hand because we don’t know where to begin.

Sound familiar? I think everybody feels that way sometimes. I know I have. continue reading

Me and the Bees: Eight Easy Ways To Help The Earth

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Recently, I attended a fascinating event at my local nature center – a honey tasting!

(Who knew that was even a thing?)

When I buy honey, I usually get whatever brand is on sale because, in my opinion, honey is honey. There’s a reason for that. Most commercially available honey is clover honey, which means that the bees that made it were feeding on clover.  That’s why, no matter the brand, the honey tastes pretty similar.

However, depending on what flowers the bees were feeding on, the honey they produce can taste really, really different!  During the tasting, I tried clover honey, blackberry blossom honey, orange blossom honey, and even buckwheat honey! (Blackberry honey is delicious. Buckwheat? Blech. But bees seem to like it.) continue reading