The cutest of all the DIY bookmark ideas

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN REFERRAL LINKS. IF YOU CLICK THROUGH AND TAKE ACTION, I MAY BE COMPENSATED, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. During my last book tour, one of my readers gave me a beautiful bookmark, made with pretty batik fabric. I was fascinated with the clever latticework design and thought it would be fun to make some myself. It’s not shocking that a craft project combining pretty fabric, book accessories, and sewing techniques would pique my interest. In fact, those are truly a few of my favorite things! It took me a few tries to figure out the technique. And once I did…Well, I may have created a monster.  I am now completely addicted to making these bookmarks! Dear family and friends, you will now receive a bookmark as a gift for each holiday. There is no such thing as too many lattice batik homemade bookmarks. It’s common knowledge. I’m always on the lookout for quick and cute crafts to give as gifts and these bookmarks more than fit the bill. It takes less than an hour to stitch up one of these little treasures and the latticework design is sure to inspire oohs and ahhs from anyone … Continue reading The cutest of all the DIY bookmark ideas