Elegant Christmas Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself

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elegant Christmas centerpieces

So many holiday to-dos these days. When I opened my calendar for this week it tells me I should plan my Christmas table centerpiece!

While I could just use my simple homemade advent calendar for the center of my table or a DIY floral arrangement like I did for Easter, why not take this opportunity to make something new!

Enjoy 50% Off All Holiday Season! Sign up for a Bluprint subscription today, and we'll automatically take 50% off the full price of your Craftsy items every time you shop from now until December 31. Offer valid at myBluprint.com through 12/25/18.Whatever I choose, you better believe I’ll underscoring the whole kit and caboodle with a holiday version of this quilted table runner I made on the blog not too long ago. Winter wonderland, here I come!

I’ve been thinking for awhile about how I want to decorate my table and I’ve been scouring around for ideas. Lucky for you, I’m sharing the best ones I’ve found to save you time!

Cranberries Aren’t Just for Jelly

Christmas table centerpiece

These are sweet, simple and elegant! Epsom salt was used to fill the bottom, but I think tissue paper would be good too, maybe something with a bit of sparkle. Besides a trip to the grocery store for fresh cranberries I bet you could you pull this together with items from around the house!


A Little Christmas Table Centerpiece Sparkle

Christmas Table Centerpiece - Sequins and paper Christmas trees

These look like such fun – perhaps a good craft for those grand darlings to help with. Of course the idea comes to us from Martha Stewart. Her table decorations never disappoint!


Only Rudolph Will Do

Christmas Table Centerpiece - Fake snow and branches make Rudolph

Sometimes all the planning and all the family can be a tad stressful. No worries, add a little whimsy to your day with this guy! Lots of options for modifications based on what you have at home or can find at the craft store. But I love the idea of turning a big, tall vase into a reindeer for the season.


Presents, Presents Everywhere

Christmas Table Centerpiece - Moss paper makes beautiful presents giftwrap

This is probably the most time-consuming of the bunch, but doesn’t the final effect make you want to break into a spirited rendition of Joy to the World?


Leave Your Guests Pepperminty Fresh

Christmas Table Centerpieces - Peppermint candy canes and poinsetta

This festive centerpiece comes from the same people at Living Well Spending Less and it would look wonderful on most any holiday table. Then once you take it apart you’d have candy cane treats leftover for all of January (the important things, after all!)

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‘Tis the season for crafting and filling your home with special projects. If you’re looking for other ideas check out my recent posts about homemade stockings, and advent wreaths.


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