Style Over Fifty: The 6 Fall Fashion Must Haves You Need In Your Closet Right Now

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Every year about this time, when the temperatures start to drop a bit, when a hint of crispness hits the air, and the foliage starts flirting with the much-anticipated color change, I get a few dramatic urges. I give in to these urges.

I welcome the warmer palettes, the cozier afternoons, the excuse to wear cashmere, and the flavors and aromas that make up Fall. (pumpkin spice, anyone?)

And maybe it’s because my inner schoolgirl is just programmed this way out of habit,  but there’s a feeling that September marks a time to refresh, to renew, to reassess, to begin again.

Like a frenzied squirrel burying nuts, this last weekend I got to work giving into two of my autumnal urges.

Yes, that means I shopped online and crafted my little heart out (more on that later).

Hello, Fall!

First stop? Kate Spade. The delicious jacquard blazer below made my fabric-loving heart go pitter pat. I mean, who doesn’t need a jacquard statement blazer? It’s a must. Or, that’s what I told myself. And my husband.

(Hint: swipe right for more pictures if you are on your mobile device.)

Anyway, I plan to style it just as the model does, with a black turtle neck and flattering straight leg, high-rise jeans. Everyone say a little prayer for Marie that she survives any hot flashes that come her way while she is wearing a turtleneck and a blazer. (Hmm…come to think of it, maybe I’ll start shopping for a black blouse in cool, one-hundred percent cotton.)

Cute, right?

So here’s the best part of all. After my daughter in law recommended an app called Honey, I decided to give it a spin for my latest purchase. Basically, it’s an app you install on your computer that tries out promo codes for you to get you the best deal, and you can also earn money along the way.

It’s a miracle I even figured out how to “install an app” (I know, how high-tech am I?), but as soon as I added my jacket to the cart and began checkout, there the app was, whizzing through all kinds of promo codes until BOOM, there was $119 knocked off the total.

Yes, I jumped for joy.

If you find yourself shopping online often, you really need to give Honey a try. It’s free. It’s basically free money. You’re welcome.


The 6 Things You Need in Your Closet Right Now

Okay, now let’s get back to fashion fall must haves. I’m not advocating a total spree. Trust me, having too many clothes can be stressful. I do subscribe to a minimalist methodology, investing in good quality basics that can mix and match, dress up and dress down, and last for more than a season. As a side note, before you hit the internet with your MasterCard, it might be a good idea to go through your closet and clean out the clutter, one drawer at a time. 


1. Quilted Barn Jacket

Maybe I lived in Connecticut too long, but everyone needs a quilted barn jacket. They’re packable, warmer than they look, stylish, and not too fluffy (because really, no one needs to look fluffier than they actually are, right?).

2. Ladylike Flats

Whether I am running around town, meeting with my editor, or enjoying impromptu dinner dates with my husband, I need to look put together and feel comfortable. That’s why ballet flats are my go-to year after year. I’m loving the details and textures here. Two of these beauties are from Vaneli, a really great quality, comfortable shoe for women our age! It’s a go-to for me.

3. Statement Jewelry Your Grandkids Will Love

It’s common knowledge that whoever has the fanciest baubles is the baby’s favorite, right? I know my grandkids always gravitate toward any costume jewelry I am wearing.  Plus, every wardrobe needs a healthy dose of flair if you ask me. Here are a few pieces that are sure to pique the interest of the littlest loves.

4. Tailored Tops

The crisp lines and looks for anything tailored are flattering, versatile, fashionable, and almost always look nicer than the price you paid.  Pair with your favorite comfy jeans and Chelsea boots, layer with a cozy sweater, or dress it up with fancy cropped pants and a scarf. I love the polished, effortless look of these items.

5. Pants with Personality

Sure, I love a trusty pair of jeans as much as anyone. But sometimes it’s fun to spruce up your look with a little texture and design. I love the velvet, the high-waisted cords, the joggers, and the drapey cropped numbers I’m seeing!

What will it be today? Sassy pants? Smarty pants?



6. Luxe Loungewear

You’ve earned this, Fierce friend. No, women over fifty don’t just sit around in loungewear all day watching daytime television or playing solitaire. But we are good at carving out time for ourselves. It’s one of the many valuable lessons I’ve accumulated over the years. And how do I take time for myself? I read, I quilt, I write, I drink coffee, I journal, I craft. And I like to do all of these things in the comfiest outfit possible. Here are a few ideas. Will someone please send this to my husband for gift ideas? That would be awesome. Thanks.


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