Hung by the Chimney with Care: Handmade Christmas Stockings for your Grandkids

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handmade Christmas stockings

Are stockings not the best part of Christmas morning ceremonies? My mother always used to make such a big deal about them. They were the filled to the brim with so many wonderful things, collected over the year, selected just for me. They are living proof (Aside from say, Tiffanys), that the best gifts come in small boxes. 

When my three sons were growing up, I had made really simple homemade stockings. They are still hung at my house for the holidays. But what about all six of my grandchildren? I know they have stockings at their own homes, but when they come to visit for the holidays, I want special stockings just for them.Enjoy 50% Off All Holiday Season! Sign up for a Bluprint subscription today, and we'll automatically take 50% off the full price of your Craftsy items every time you shop from now until December 31. Offer valid at through 12/25/18.

Christmas stockings simply make me gush with nostalgia, but they also remind me of the importance of legacy and multi-generational traditions. When my children grew up, they didn’t take their stockings. When my grandchildren grow up, they’ll be able to use the ones that I made for them. How special is that?

This year, I’ll be in Oklahoma with my eldest son and his family, but hopefully in the coming years they will come out to Oregon as well. And when they do, there will be spectacularly crafted, personalized stockings for each little grand-darling.


Here are a few of my favorite ideas, straight from the most wonderful place on earth, Pinterest.

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The Best DIY Christmas Stocking Ideas on Pinterest

I’m always going to be a sucker for these vintage-style stockings, like these handmade ones from Vintage Gray Handmade and  Corey Moortgat.


There’s also the classic felt appliqué and embroidery kind that take about 5,000,444,222 hours to complete. If you have a lot of extra time on your hands, these truly are beautiful. Here’s an example from Pinterest, although I couldn’t find the artist to credit. It’s a traditional Bucilla stocking pattern, like the ones in the cover photo.

Many of you know I’m a quilter, so it won’t be a surprise to you to throw in a few patchwork and quilted stockings, like these from Love Patchwork and Quilting.

Or this quilted geometric beauty from The Long Thread. 































I simply love the sweet fabric used on this letter appliqué stocking from Merrillee Sewing Studio.   Talk about a perfect excuse to go fabric shopping or use some of your stash. 

If you are an avid crocheter, grab some yuletide yarn and get going! These stockings from Sewrella look cozy enough to wear around the house!

For those with a traditional home and a penchant for plaid, these tartan drop cloth stockings from At Home with The Barkers would be a good bet. They look simple to makes although if you ask me, these are simply begging for a monogram or an embroidered name. 

And now for the most colorful options that probably show the most personality. There’s something so festive about tassels and pompoms, am I right?  These options from New Blooming and Tell Love and Party make me want to rock around the Christmas tree.

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