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This post is dedicated to one of my favorite foods: the taco! Not only are they delicious, but tacos are the perfect vehicles to load up on big flavor without a lot of calories. The hot sauce, cilantro, feta, and salsa are all healthy ways to jazz up some lean protein. It’s like magic.

There’s a lot of flexibility here to make healthy tacos work for my Weight Watchers Freestyle program, so that’s another added bonus.

I would say that my love of healthy tacos originated from my time spent living in Mexico, but it dates back further than that. They are consistently a mainstay on the menu, no matter the season. I have a clever habit of transforming leftovers into “creative” tacos. As in, tikki masala tacos, Korean beef and broccoli tacos, you get the idea. I pretend like it’s super fancy “fusion” food. The Chairman doesn’t know the difference.

Anyway, tacos have been on my mind so I thought I would share a few ideas I’m looking forward to making when I get home from being on the road.

First, let’s start with the base. The step that makes a taco a taco. It’s the shell. Instead of the traditional corn or flour tortilla, why not try something healthier? Here’s two ideas that are so smart I can’t even take it.

Jicama Shells from Paleo Paparazzi 

I got the idea from a restaurant I tried in Denver not too long ago called Root Down (it’s fabulous, by the way). One of the appetizers we enjoyed was a crab and avocado taco served with jicama “tortillas,” sweet corn yogurt, radish slaw, pepitas and a tangy apple sauce. I know, it sounds so out there. They were insanely good. And what I loved the most was the scrumptious, crunchy jicama tortilla on the outside. If you haven’t tried jicama, its sort of like a milder apple flavor that’s a little bit nutty. It doesn’t overpower anything! You don’t even miss the corn or flour tortilla.

The above picture from Paleo Paparazzi shows how it’s done.

A very important side note: I’m going to have to try a bright blue polish sometime soon.


Zucchini Taco Shells from Sweet As Honey

This is genius right here. Talk about hiding vegetables in your food!


Cauliflower Al Pastor Tacos from Half Baked Harvest 

I’ve always thought that cauliflower was a seriously underrated vegetable. I love this meatless option that packs a punch!


The Best Chicken Tinga Tacos from Pinch of Yum 

If this isn’t the most beautiful photo shoot of a taco, I don’t know what is. Surely they taste as good as they look.


Salmon Tacos from Cooking Classy 

Love the idea of a less conventional filling for these tacos. Hello, omega 3s!

Korean Beef Bulgogi Tacos from Natasha’s Kitchen

If you haven’t tried beef bulgogi from a local Korean restaurant, you really are missing out. These Korean-spiced tacos sound simply divine.


The Best Healthy Breakfast Tacos from Jar of Lemons 

And we wouldn’t have a proper taco roundup without a light and fresh breakfast taco. This is spa food right here, folks.

What are your favorite healthy tacos? Please share!

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