THIS POST MAY CONTAIN REFERRAL LINKS. IF YOU CLICK THROUGH AND TAKE ACTION, I MAY BE COMPENSATED, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. You know what one of my favorite parts about being a writer is?  Going out on book tour. Why, you ask? Is it the chance to meet readers face to face?  The opportunity to visit new places? Or the ability to collect ideas, stories, and inspiration for my next book? Sure. Yes. Absolutely. All of the above.  But you know what’s the really great part of being a writer on a book tour? The presents. It’s true. At almost every stop on my tour, at least one of my readers brings me a present. How great is that?! And though I have almost never met those readers bearing gifts before our encounter in that bookstore, library, quilt shop, or whatever – it goes without saying that, for the rest of the evening and usually long after, that darling, gift-bearing reader is not only the Teacher’s Pet but my new best friend. In all seriousness, I am always deeply touched when one of my readers comes to a signing with a gift for me. Especially when the gift (as … Continue reading THE JUNK JOURNAL – ART WITH HEART