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The snow in Central Oregon is up to my eyeballs.  Like most writers, I am prone to exaggeration. But this is not that. We had 51 inches of snow in a five-day period and are expecting another 3 inches this afternoon. I stand 65 inches tall so the snow is literally up to my eyeballs.

This means that I am spending a lot of time indoors. Of course I am using these snow days to write and to catch up on my quilting.  But I’m also deeply immersed in another favorite cold weather pass time: binge-watching stuff on Netflix. 

Specifically, I’ve been spending my evenings watching back-to-back episodes of The Great British Bake-Off. It’s one of my absolutely all-time favorite programs. It’s got everything you could hope for from a reality show and then some – drama, humor, and Paul Hollywood. (In case you haven’t tuned in yet, Paul Hollywood looks exactly like you think someone named Paul Hollywood would look. This alone is worth the price of admission.)

The other thing I love about this show is that it is filled with kind, cheery, British people who are supportive of one another even though they are embroiled in a competition. There is no trash talking or braggadocio on the Great British Baking Show. None.

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Instead, they clap their competitors on the back and says things like, “Well done, you!” And if they do something amazing, say, bake a quarter-sized replica of the Eiffel Tower that turns out perfectly, they say, “Well, yes. I’m quite pleased with that.” Then, of course, there are all those adorable British colloquialisms they utter, words like “chuffed” and “scrummy.”

Everything about this program makes me smile. On top of all that, I actually learn stuff! Basically, it’s the ideal show for a snow day.

There’s only one downside to watching The Great British Baking Show; it makes me want to bake.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I reached my goal weight with the Weight Watchers Freestyle program last year, have been able to keep the weight off, and that I’m a big proponent of the program. Not only was I able to lose the weight I set out to lose, I’ve kept it off for a year!

And as a side note, if you are new here, WELCOME! I’m Marie, the proud creator of this blog and the author of the Miracle Muffin post that basically broke the internet. When I’m not blogging, I’m writing women’s fiction (I’m a USA Today and NY Times bestselling author and have had a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie based on one of my books as well! I am passionate about crafting (check out my latest craft projects here), delicious and simple food, and living your best life at any age.

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But, much as I love the program, Weight Watchers and baking don’t always play nicely together. I mean, sure. You can have a brownie on Weight Watchers. But when you realize that a single two-inch brownie is going to cost you 5 points, you’re probably going to have an apple instead. Which is kind of the idea. Weight Watchers guides you to make wiser choices.

Even so, when it’s cold and snowy and you’ve been spending your evenings with Paul Hollywood and the rest of those cheery, chuffed Brits, you just want to bake something.

On a related note, here is a picture of Paul Hollywood and his baby blues. Just saying.

Image credit: Radio Times

So when my sister told me about a recipe for one point muffins, I was pretty excited. Also pretty skeptical.

Could it be true? A real, full-sized muffin that tastes good for just one point?

(Even the Weight Watchers recipe for Banana Chip Muffins comes in at 2 points, and that’s for a single mini-sized muffin. Who is going to eat one mini-muffin? Not me. And certainly not Paul Hollywood.)

After much mixing, and baking, and taste testing, I am here to tell you that it is true! These one-point muffins are miraculous! And delicious! And, with just three ingredients, they are also ridiculously easy to make.

What’s the secret ingredient here?  Kodiak Cakes, Power Cake Flapjack and Waffle Mix. This high-protein, 100% whole grain baking mix comes in lots of yummy flavors. I bought Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Blueberry Lemon, Almond Poppy Seed, and Cinnamon Oat. They were all delish.

Now, a word of caution. Though they are Weight Watcher friendly, these muffins are meant to be a snack, not a meal. Have two with a cup of tea, not a dozen instead of dinner. If the temptation is too great, put the extras in the freezer. That’s what I did. They freeze beautifully.

So, with that said, let’s get to the muffins!


The basic recipe couldn’t be simpler.

To make 6 Miraculous Muffins. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Spray muffin tin with cooking spray.

Mash up 2 large, ripe banana with a fork. Mix in two beaten eggs. Stir in a ½ cup of any of the Kodiak Power Cake mixes listed above.

Spoon mixture into six of the prepared muffin cups. Bake for 18 minutes. Remove tin from oven and allow muffins to cool before removing from tin.

That’s all there is to it! 2 bananas. 2 eggs. Half a cup of baking mix. Eighteen minutes later, you’ll have a half-dozen hot, delicious, guilt-free muffins! See what I mean? Miraculous!

miracle muffin, weight watchers muffin, weight watchers freestyle one point


I really enjoyed the basic recipe version with all the flavors above.  But I decided to experiment with a few variations, just to jazz things up a little.

Peanut Butter Cup Muffins – Add 1 T peanut butter to the Dark Chocolate Muffin recipe. This will add half a point to each muffin, but you can still enjoy two muffins for just 3 points. Not bad!

Double Blue Muffins – Add ½ cup frozen blueberries to the Blueberry Lemon Muffin recipes. My favorite of the variations I tried! Still just one point per muffin!

Almond Apricot Muffins – Prior to baking, put a scant teaspoon of Polaners Preserves, Apricot, with Fiber in the center of each filled muffin tin. The apricot center is a delectable little surprise when you bite. Still just one point per muffin!

Chocolate Decadence Muffins – Add ½ cup frozen raspberries to the Dark Chocolate Muffin recipes. Still just one point per muffin!

Or try these fiesta-worthy Mexican Kick Miracle Muffins or these mouth-watering strawberry muffins to enjoy during those summer months.

miracle muffins, weight watchers muffins, weight watchers freestyle, one-point breakfast

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