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Waiting For Your Stoning: Why You Need To Forgive Yourself

Healing and Hope
forgive yourself

I’ve received so many lovely notes of congratulations on the airing of Christmas Everlasting, the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie based on my novel, The Second Sister.  Thank you so much to everyone who wrote. Your notes have touched me.

Those that impacted me most came from people who wrote to say that the movie’s themes about self-forgiveness hit very close to home. Like my character, Lucy, these people feel terribly guilty about something they’ve done in the past and say they just can’t let it go.

I get it.

I think that most people feel like that at some level, as though they have made mistakes that can never be erased completely. Sometimes, it’s really hard to put the past in the past. continue reading

Twelve Words That Will Change Your Life: Part 2

Grow in Wisdom
I forgive you

As I said in my last post, forgiveness looms large in our lives.

The ability to seek it, request it, receive it, and bestow it, or not, is the difference between living at peace with ourselves and with others.

Or not.

I’m certainly not claiming to have my act completely pulled together in this or any aspect of my life. But in the course of my treading upon the face of the earth for five decades and counting, I have discovered four sentences, adding up to just twelve words total, that have changed my life. Speaking these words as necessary, with sincerity and intention, have brought greater and more lasting peace in my life and relationships.  They can do the same for you. continue reading