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Children’s Books My Grandkids Love


It’s no secret that I love reading. It’s also no secret that I absolutely adore my grand-darlings. All six of them. While I don’t get to see them as often as I would like, I always enjoy walking in the door and being (lovingly) attacked by hugs, cries of “Grammy!” and snuggles.

There are so many activities I love doing with them – we make homemade slime, we’ve made homemade ravioli, sometimes I send them Grammy’s Craft of the Month Club when I’ll be away for a while – but my favorite thing is reading with those children. It develops the strongest bonds for us. Even at their different stages, they all love curling up in my lap and diving into a story together.

Why Reading to Your Grandchildren (Or Your Kids!) is so Important

I’m probably fairly loud about my belief that my grand-darlings are very advanced for their ages. Of course, I may be a teeny bit biased but I’m also sure I’m exactly right. But really, they are so stinking smart (sometimes, too much for their own good). Both sets of parents enjoy reading with their littles and I’m so very proud of them for taking the time. Especially in a world of screen time overload and chronic busyness, it’s so precious to see families reading together. Someone told me not too long ago that there’s no app to replace your lap and you better believe I shared it with my boys and their families about five seconds later. continue reading