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Fall Fashion 2019: Must-Haves for a Fierce Closet

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fall fashion 2019

Every year, when the leaves start to show their colors and the temperatures dip (or plummet), there is a ceremonious changing of the guard at my house. Summer flavors are replaced by savory comfort food, pumpkin spice lattes rule the world once again, and my wardrobe is cleaned out (Praise the Lord for Marie Kondo) and spruced up. I certainly don’t buy a new wardrobe every season, but I take inventory of what I have, what works well together, what fits, what doesn’t.

I replace, repair, and give away what I’m not wearing anymore. It’s a ritual that I hold fast; for a couple of weeks, my closet is pristine as a couture showroom and my drawers are all origami-folded like artwork in a museum.

My general operating procedure for this process is 1) if I haven’t worn it in a year, give it away, 2) if it doesn’t fit anymore, give it away (I reached my goal weight not too long ago so this is a good problem to have!), 3) if it needs a little TLC, send it to the tailor or repair it, and 4) if it doesn’t spark joy, as Marie Kondo says, thank the clothing item for its service to you and send it on its way.

Why is it important to get rid of things? It’s like a detox – you feel great afterwards. Plus, if you’re anything like me, my closet isn’t the size of an ancient labyrinth and I run into space issues ever so often. It’s hard to cram more in after shopping if you haven’t cleaned the closet out first.

So, take this as a friendly reminder to clean out your closet!

And now, for the good stuff. Here are the fall fashion 2019 trends that I am loving!

Fall Fashion 2019: What to Wear Right Now

In Central Oregon, sweater weather is in full swing – with a parka on top and warm winter boots. Basically, it’s freezing. My focus this year was making sure I have some comfy, warm basics that I can throw on in the morning and wear while I walk Showgirl around the block, get my work done, and meet girlfriends for lunch.

I like to go with high quality and timeless, mixing in fun new colors and textures.

Buffalo Check

Oh, how I love a good, classic buffalo check. I even used a pretty taupe and cream buffalo check for our dining nook at our new home and I found these adorable check pajamas for my grandkids in a similar pattern! It’s fun and bold without being too loud. This season, it seems to be springing up everywhere! Here are a few of my favorite looks to incorporate it.

Sweaters to Match the Autumn Leaves

Did you ever “get your colors done” when you were younger? You know, someone sits down with you, stares at your face like they’re reading your soul, pensively holds up colored paper to your face, and then tells you what to wear? (If you haven’t, you are really missing out). Even if you haven’t had your colors “professionally” done, most of us probably know by now what colors complement our coloring and which ones make us look pale or washed out. My colors are true to my heritage; a Scotch-Irish twist of (almost) porcelain skin and auburn hair. When I told my daughter in love that my best colors were a pumpkin spice rainbow of curry, copper, saffron, nutmeg, and cinnamon stick, she quickly pointed out that no, those colors aren’t for everyone. My daughter in love has about the opposite coloring as I do, with olive skin, blond hair and blue eyes. The pumpkin spice palette does not, in fact, make her colors “pop.” My point is, find the autumn hue that works for you!

Here are a few cozy, oversized sweaters with colors to match the leaves.

Leggings to go over those long sweaters

I know what you’re thinking. Leggings? Are you serious, Marie? 

Let me back up a moment. Leggings as pants are probably a sin; leggings as layers are actually fashion miracles. Wondering what the distinction is? If you choose to wear a short top with leggings, all anyone will notice is that your derriere is on prominent display, for better or for worse. This isn’t my favorite look, to put it politely. But, layer leggings with a flowy, long tunic or an oversized sweater and you’ve got a great, comfortable look that is good for all ages.

Another great thing about leggings? They come in high waisted, control top, and all sorts of fun patterns designed for slimming effects. Spanx – yes, the shaping undergarment company that holds in the jiggles and the rolls – has their own line of super flattering leggings and let me tell you, they are amazing.

Here are a few pairs that would look great with those sweaters I mentioned earlier.


Fierce Boots

This one is slightly more utilitarian than most; I need a boot that keeps my feet warm and dry. I’m trying to be very outdoorsy, because that is the way of life in Central Oregon, but it can just get so dreadfully cold. These boots all fit the bill, plus, they are oh so fierce.


I always think that ladies with small purses must really be organized. My purse, on the other hand, typically lands somewhere on the spectrum of army duffel bag and weekender bag. I want my latest crafts, at least three books, my laptop, an assortment of lipsticks, snacks and refreshments with me at all times. But where do I think I’m going that I need all of these things? I’m not about to endure a several-hour international layover; I’m simply going to grab coffee or pick up groceries. That’s what’s so great about the mini-bag trend. You have to decide what matters most and your back will probably be thanking you. Here are a few adorable options.

What are your favorite fall fashion 2019 looks?