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One Point Weight Watchers Muffins with a Mexican Kick!

Food for Grownups
one point weight watchers muffins

I’m always busy.  Sitting still has never been my strong suit. You’ve probably picked up on this by now. But this month I’ve crossed the line from busy to crazy.

Right now I’m writing, blogging, training for my next sprint triathlon, gardening, sewing, preparing to host dinner for 10 next weekend, arranging itineraries for three sets of guests within the next four weeks and, of course, doing a lot of spring cleaning.


But it’s a good kind of crazy. I’m excited about how my new book is taking shape and am looking forward to spending time with the visitors who will soon be here.  Plus, I’m feeling very good about welcoming people to a bright and shiny, organized home!

The Perils of Going Pre-Packaged

Unfortunately, all this activity hasn’t left much time to organize healthy meals for myself.  Over the last couple of weeks, I found myself slipping down the prepackaged and prepared food slope.

You know what I’m talking about, right?  When you hop out of bed and hit the ground running, it’s so much easier to pour some cereal into a bowl than take the time to cook a healthy, satisfying breakfast. But not only does that cereal and milk cost seven of my precious Weight Watchers Freestyle Points, it leave me feeling hungry by mid-morning. Next thing I know, I’m in the kitchen, searching for a snack, and grabbing the first thing I can lay my hands on, frequently another bowl of cereal.

Sur La Table

If you’re trying to eat healthy, giving in to the convenience of prepared foods is definitely a slippery slope. After a few days of this, my scale showed just how far I’d slipped.

Crazy busy or not, I needed to find a better plan of attack for breakfast. Because not only are convenience foods unhealthy, they make you fat. Nothing convenient about that! continue reading

Weight Loss After Fifty: What To Do When the Pounds Come Back (and Bring Friends)

Health and Fitness
gaining weight back

Thanks to the Weight Watchers Freestyle Program, I reached my goal weight in March of this year.

Yay, me!

As of a couple of weeks ago, Weight Watchers is now called “WW” which, apparently, stands for Wellness that Works.  Uhh…okay. Honestly, I don’t see why they needed to change the name.  But as long as they keep the eating program at the center of it, I’m on board. Because Freestyle really does work, just ask my doctor.

Come to think of it, forget my doctor. Ask me.  I lost over twenty pounds and kept it off from mid-March to mid-October. Seven months!

Yay, me!

Then came my son’s wedding. continue reading