The Fierce Gift Guide for Girlfriends: Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends as Fierce as You

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends


Girlfriends are sometimes the easiest to shop for. Many times, they love the same things you do. You share interests, hobbies, and passions. You do life together!

It’s hard to set foot in a store without seeing something and immediately thinking of one of your friends who would love it. That’s what makes shopping for friends so fun!

The challenge for me is that I always want to come up with the absolutely perfect, most thoughtful present for those friends who mean the most, but this time of year I always seem to run out of time to make them a quilt by hand, bake up artisanal cinnamon rolls, or craft up something spectacular and one of a kind. There’s also the issue that many of my friends aren’t local.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t knock it out of the park for Christmas!

My gift numero uno for my friends this year – and I already ordered in bulk – was the Living Well Spending Less planner (aka my secret weapon on managing my schedule and getting to do the things that matter most to me).

Here are a few goodies that any fierce girlfriend is sure to love!

What to Buy Your Girlfriends This Year


From the top:

  • I’ve always been a firm believer that every room needs a little decorative flair, even if it is completely utilitarian. I love a proper spoon rest and I bet your girlfriends will too!
  • Sometimes we all need a little reminder to enjoy each little moment. Journals can help us do that – and friends can hold each other accountable!
  • They say a cup of tea can heal all sorts of ailments. I wonder what they would say about a beautiful glass tea pot with tea pods that bloom like flowers? Pretty sure it is the fairy godmother of all tea parties.
  • Of course you want your friends to drink enough water because you care about their health. How can they resist all-day sipping with these statement piece of a water bottle?
  • Even if a lady is just picking up a prescription or buying paper towels at the corner store, it’s best to go ahead and make a fashion statement. How adorable are these Kate Spade knit gloves? 
  • Let’s face it. We all spend a little too much time in the kitchen. So why not add some pop with these floral dish towels? It’s hard to beat a flowery punch in the dead of winter!
  • It seems that all fierce ladies our age face a common foe: dry winter skin. So this beautiful hand cream sampler from my absolutely favorite, L’Occitane, would be a welcome addition to any purse.
  • Remind your friend to take a moment for self care! Slow down on the to do lists and frantic gift wrapping and enjoy a bath with these beautiful bath bombs, complete with a glass of their favorite and a good read.
  • Who says shower caps can’t be stylish? If I had one of these I might just wear it to brunch!
  • You might not be able to give the gift of relaxation and calm over the holidays but you can sure help your friend’s house smell of tranquility and serenity! This gorgeous candle from Charleston-based Candlefish is just the ticket.
  • Nothing quite takes my breathe away like the reveal moment on HGTV, so when I saw that Joanna Gaines has a new cookbook out, I knew I would have to gift a few copies ASAP.
  • How could this checked throw not look amazing in any house? And you can even have it personalized, just in case your friend is as forgetful as you!

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What’s on your Christmas List?

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