What to Pack for a Trip to the Tropics (and What to Leave at Home)

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN REFERRAL LINKS. IF YOU CLICK THROUGH AND TAKE ACTION, I MAY BE COMPENSATED, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. Aloha! Guess where we are. Yes. Hawaii. The Kona Coast to be exact. My husband and I narrowly escaped the polar vortex and are in the magical land of Hawaii to recharge, decompress, and celebrate The Chairman’s birthday a little early. Vacation Mode Flying from Oregon to Hawaii only takes about five hours. It took me even less time than that to adapt to island time. I’ve morphed into the tropical version of my former self and may never come home. I now wear flowers in my hair, sleep without setting the alarm cock, enjoy drinks that come in coconuts, and mostly don cabana-wear throughout the day. It’s glorious and I’ve only been here two days. All of this beach gazing got me thinking about a few things. We are incredibly lucky to have sojourned to Hawaii on many occasions throughout our marriage. I’m not sure I’d advise anyone to buy a timeshare but, for us, it’s been really great way to visit the Hawaiian islands several times. It’s always been our favorite place to kick off … Continue reading What to Pack for a Trip to the Tropics (and What to Leave at Home)